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Service Activation:

Once we receive this Property Search Criteria Form signed by you, we will draft the Buyers Agency Agreement, forward it to you and be in contact to confirm that you have received it and if you have any questions. We will use the information you provided in the Property Search Criteria Form to fill in the Buyers Agency Agreement so you will not have to fill in the same information twice. 

After this, we will start providing you with a specialized and professional service once we receive both the signed Buyers Agency Agreement as well as the Engagement Fee paid into our account. 

A non-refundable Engagement Fee of $2,200 (GST included) is payable to cover our initial costs and to insure we have a committed buyer. This fee is offset against the total fee. Our account details will be provided in the Buyers Agency Agreement.

Please print and fill in this Property Search Criteria Form (provided below) and return by email to celeste@oreillyrealesate.com.au. 

Thank you for your valuable time.


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