property management

Are you thinking of investing in property but you don't really have the time to get involved with marketing for a tenant, selecting the right tenant (e.g. ensuring they have a good rental history behind them, ensuring they can pay the rental fees, ensuring they provide their 100 point ID etc.) ensuring a tenancy agreement is signed, lodging the bond in time with the authorities, ensuring they pay their rent on time, doing the initial property inspection condition report, quarterly inspections, maintaining the property, managing any issues with the tenants according to legislation, carrying out the final inspection and ensuring the property is left the same way it was found except for normal wear and tear and negotiating and coordination of the bond refund.

Let us do the work for you at a small percentage of your rental yield to ensure you keep growing your property investment portfolio without the hassles.

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We can also assist you as buyers' agent to search for a feasible investment property according to your business criteria.