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As buyers’ agents we are licensed to provide services to investors, expatriates, overseas buyers & developers in purchasing residential & commercial properties in Adelaide, South Australia and Sydney, New South Wales.

As buyers' agent we work solely for the buyer and is obliged to get the best deal for you in terms of price and terms.

We access the most up to date market knowledge giving clients a competitive edge.

We search and find the best property based on client criteria with results giving evidence to our research findings.

We are committed to honesty, transparency, efficiency and professionalism.

We realize that a satisfied client will continue to use our services or possibly refer someone to us.


Establish client criteria e.g. type of property, (residential, new development, commercial, business, industrial), and specific criteria regarding type, client budget and location.

Extensive search of listed and unlisted properties.

Property inspections and information provision: Photographs (e.g. internal, external & aerial mapping), floor plans, database files and websites will be included where possible. We will include an online virtual tour for properties over the value of $1,000,000. Some of the information included in commercial properties will be the Information Memorandum and detailed information on the property, the title, the market and the business currently operated if any, Income and Expenditure Statements, Inventory, registered and unregistered leases, branding and Intellectual Property related to the business and so on.

Properties are selected according to client criteria and a full report are prepared that includes the best option/s on the market with analysis to these findings. Suitable properties will then be recommended for viewing at client convenience or if viewing is not possible, then virtual tour.


This service is available after the search phase or to clients who have chosen their desired property.


Estimation of Market Value and Appraisal


We have access to the most recent residential and commercial property sales statistics. We will research all recent comparable sales, rental returns and together with our professional knowledge of the market, give a final market appraisal of our estimate of the value of each potential purchase. This will include possible positives and negatives of the property such as current and possible future market growth and property development potential or other benefits following our investigations with possible reference to relevant sub-contacted services. It will include location of amenities, transport, schools, shops etc and demographic details of each suburb. We will check with the local council on target property and also neighbouring development applications (DA’s).

The provision of this property information means that you will be able to purchase your property with far more information than most other buyers in order to assist you in making informed decisions about your purchase. A formal market valuation can also be arranged by an external valuer.


Negotiation, Buying & other complimentary services


We negotiate the best possible price on a purchase. Our experience with contract negoations and market analysis ensures that we obtain the best price for you.

On client request, we outsource building & pest inspections, property valuations, building depreciation report, mortgage finance and property insurance services. We can refer you to a local conveyancer who will assist you with all the legal requirements of the property transfer. Alternatively, you are welcome to obtain your own conveyancer or solicitor. We can also arrange architects, landscapers, interior designers and interior decorators for renovations and building advice if required. We will attend the final pre-settlement inspection if required. If you want the property or commercial premises to be available for lease, we can outsource professional property management services.  

Overseas Buyers

We assist expatriates and overseas investors with searching & buying residential, commercial and new developments in Adelaide South Australia. We provide all the information needed in cases where an approval through the Foreign Investment Review Board is required. Furthermore, we provide unique opportunities in new real estate developments with purchasing properties by design and “off-plan”. Our overseas clients can be assured of our broad spectrum services and contact us to assist with any additional information needed e.g. taxi phone number, hotels in the area etc. We can refer clients to the Immigration Department or immigration agents to assist with any visa requirements. There are various opportunities for investors who have an interest to migrate to Australia from business migration to commercial and business purchase migration and investment migration opportunities. We provide our clients with information brochures and all the necessary communication linkages on appointment.