AGENCY PRINCIPAL Profile - Celeste O'Reilly

Qualifications and Licensing:

    • BA Psychology degree, 1989
    • Master of Science in Development Planning degree, 1991
    • Certificate IV in Real Estate, REISA, 2008 
    • Diploma in Real Estate, REISA, 2009
    • Certificate IV in Building & Construction, Jan. 2012
    • Licensed Building Contractor & member of HIA
    • Licensed Land Agent & Agency Licensee SA

Celeste has 15 years combined experience in project & contract management and auditing of projects and business systems. She has combined 6 years experience as land agent, agency principal and residential property developer and project manager in Adelaide, South Australia.

Celeste has been involved with search and buying, marketing, sales, development and project management of real estate in South Australia. Her project management experience included consulting regarding house design and construction and doing the interior and exterior new house selections.